Event Calendar Module - v1.2 - j25j3.x

Event Calendar Module is another Module to show events in a calendar directly in your web app. The presentation of the events is made in a really comfortable way, as long as you can see all the following events at eyesight, or just a particular date event (displaying the whole month or just a day). Event Calendar Module shows the current day and all the other days that have events scheduled.

Also, it has been develop for responsive design, so you can work fine with it in desktop, tablet and even smartPhones

Module Smart Menu for Joomla

Module Smart Menu for Joomla is free for download. Smart Menu will show ONLY first level menu. NOT sub menu. Only for joomla 3.x

Twenty twenty - Module Compare between two images for joomla

Module Compare between two images v1.0 free for download

Version: mod_twentytwenty v1.0

Module Compare between two images for joomla is out now.

TwentyTwenty is a clean and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to compare and showcase the difference between two images side by side.