Event Calendar Module - v1.2 - j25j3.x

Event Calendar Module is another Module to show events in a calendar directly in your web app. The presentation of the events is made in a really comfortable way, as long as you can see all the following events at eyesight, or just a particular date event (displaying the whole month or just a day). Event Calendar Module shows the current day and all the other days that have events scheduled.

Also, it has been develop for responsive design, so you can work fine with it in desktop, tablet and even smartPhones

eventCalendar json structure 642x241

This Module is highly customizable, so you are able to modify it through these parameters:

  • Send the json to the plugin in an inline JavaScript function or on an extern file.
  • Cache the received events or make new calls on every date change.
  • Change the calendar size to every width we need (it is 100% responsive, it is 100% fluid)
  • Supports all languages
  • Limit the number of events to show
  • Weeks start on Sundays or Mondays
  • Show the days in a calendar view, by weeks or all the month in a single line
  • Show the event description, or not
  • Open the event links in a new window, or not
  • Change the velocity of the animation when changing dates
  • Show the events inside a panel with scroll to avoid the widget from changing its size

Next version will more option. If you like it please Donate via Paypal to by me some coffee !

Download Event Calendar Module - v1.2 - j25j3.x: 

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